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Traffic Marshal



Learners must be 16+ and bring along valid ID (Passport, Driving license or ID card) along with National Insurance and Proof of Address.

Course Objectives

• Health and safety.

• Construction law, regarding traffic management.

• Who should be allowed on site.

• Safety of vehicle access.

• Hazard analysis.

• Risk management for directing vehicles.

• Identifying dangerous manoeuvres (reversing). 

• Safeguarding pedestrians and other staff where vehicles may be reversing.

• Demonstrating the code of hand signals recommended by the HSE.

• Legal obligations and responsibilities of employers and their employees.

• Safety signs.

• Accident prevention.

• How to plan the use of vehicles.

What is Banksman?

Traffic Marshal (Banksman) are operatives trained to direct vehicle movement on or around the site.

2 Ways Assessment 

Practical Assessment:

Individuals will demonstrate the correct knowledge for directing a vehicle


Theoretical Assessment:

Understanding the roles of both the Driver and the Banksman.

Following a multi-choice question paper at the end of the course.

Learners will be made aware of the Current Legislation (Safety signs & signals Regulations 1996).

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